Animals and Plays

Date: 8/12/2017

By Sweet813

I was in a school play on a large rotating stage. I performed well but painted flowers on the white background with nail polish. After the play was over the teacher asked a bunch of questions about it and I answered most of them. Then there was a possum that was really docile and I talked to the teacher about how I had had a possum before as a pet (I haven't in real life) and we went to put it outside. When we let it go, it ran though a hole in the fence and scared a bearded dragon. On the other side of the fence was a big yard with lots of animals in it. Snakes and a guinea pig and frogs and mice and all sorts of critters. The guinea pig hopped though the fence and I tried to grab it, but it ran back through. I tried to coax it back, but had no luck. Somehow I ended up holding two frogs, and then I woke up.