My friend died. :(

Date: 7/2/2019

By natassja666

In my dream my friend Jessica died. ;’( it wasn’t confirmed as a suicide but I had the feeling that it was. I was biking around in my dream and being extremely reckless and dangerous. I felt so empty and not okay, it was the most painful loss I ever experienced. Then I somehow was back in time. I thought maybe I could call Jess and keep her from dying. I called her cellphone but her boyfriend Justin answered it instead, he said “I can’t always get her for you. Sometimes you need to get a hold of her yourself.” And I was like ??? I’m literally calling her cellphone, I didn’t expect you to pick up. Then I was in this haunted house. Or escape house kind of thing. Everything was made of metal and blue and wet. I accidentally split up with whoever I was with and was getting freaked out about doing it alone.