A terrifying and odd dream.

Date: 7/28/2017

By Blew-Dreams

I was in a place I have never seen before. which is strange for me. I usually dream about somewhere familiar. it was something you'd see in a video game. a fantasy one. the sidewalks were cobble stone and there were old fashioned lamp posts and things like that. it was definitely winter. there was snow everywhere. the first thing I remember is walking home from this bridge over a frozen lake and finding some food in this abandoned car. on my way back home I also saw my brother standing in the alleyway waving to me. before I could respond someone came up from behind me and grabbed my arm the started dragging me into this hidden tavern. my brother couldn't cimb the fence to save me and I was taken into these doors. there was a group of about 10 men standing there with about 4 or 5 other women. the women ranged in age from as young as 17 to as old as 70. I mostly remember an Asian girl and an older white woman. the men were all white. I remember trying to struggle out of the grip of the guy that was holding my arm but I couldn't. I don't remember who told me in the dream but the men were getting ready to rape us. I was eventually let go in the very back of the room I was so afraid and unsure what I should do so I just ran towards the doors they brought me in from but as I made it up the main hallway I was shot down by some kind of colored sphere. it kind of looked like magic I guess you could say. I don't know if I died or if it knocked me out but I woke up back in the spot I was before I started to run. nobody seemed to look any different or even recognize that I had just tried to escape... a don't remember how much time passed but I eventually came by a window and I wanted to jump through it because it went into the alley way. as soon as I tried to open it people tried to grab me and pull me in!! I escaped again buy the same exact thing happened as before! .... now I can't remember how I tried to escape the third time but I ended up in this room and I didn't get hit with one of those spheres. When I clocked the door behind me I noticed there was a giant window but when I tried to see where I was at I realized I was about 4 or 5 stories off the ground! if I jumped I would injure myself for sure. before I could decide what to do someone unlocked the door. I froze.. it wasnt anyone I knew but I knew his intentions were bad.. he was a white man in this late 30s or early 40s. he was dressed in blue denim jeans and a wife beater shirt he also had my dog chain on somehow. he shut and locked the door behind him. I turned quickly to open the window and jump but he lunged towards me and I had to fight him off. I can't remember how I fought him exactly but towards the end I had got my chain off of him and started beating him with it. I think I was hit with one of those spheres again because I suddenly blacked out (though it feels more like dying) and woke up again. but his time I was somewhere completely new. I woke up on top of a stone table. I wasn't restrained by anything but I couldn't move. this was the strangest part of the dream.. I think some sort of shadow figure spoke to me. it was about what was happening to me and why but I cannot remember exactly what he said unfortunately. when he left I remember being talked to by some kind of troll like creature? and also another man. I only remember feeling afraid and trying to find a way to escape. I know they wanted to rape me and kill me but I don't know why. as they left I remember seeing three cards. I guess whey were like magic cards. there was an image and a description of some items I could use to escape. the one I remember is a black blanket that could teleport me somewhere random. I chose that one because I had seen it in another dream before (though I can't remember which.. also what's really strange is that in that moment I had realised I was dreaming but I didn't notice.. if that makes any sense..) the blanket appeared on the edge of the table and I somehow managed to pull it over my whole body. I was instantly transported. wherever I was I was safe but that was basically the end of the dream or at least as much as I could remember.