Selling Oakley’s, and Christmas

Date: 8/22/2019

By vzask1

Jill and I were in this beautiful tropical forest. There was a river running through the forest and we were in a boat going down the river. We came to a spot where a fallen tree was blocking our path. I got out of the boat and swam to remove the tree. The water was clear, I could see the bottom. I moved the tree enough so Jill could get by. As she was turning I noticed a large white school bus half submerged in the river. Suddenly, her and I were at a store. We were looking at the Oakley display. Heather came around the corner and asked why we don’t sell Oakley’s. I told her if she gets in contact with the vendor we will. She called the vendor, put together an order, they gave us a discount and said they’d ship ASAP. I high fived heather. Then I was in my house. But my house was different, bigger, more rooms. The living room was set up funky. And my furniture that I had given away was back. The Christmas tree was set up where the fireplace used to be. Now there was a large window there. There were presents all around, all neatly wrapped in either red or baby blue paper. But there weren’t any bows on them. Nate came out of one of the bedrooms and said, “Merry Christmas, Vanessa”. I asked him if he had decorated and he said yes. My sister came out of another bedroom and asked if we had cereal.