Fear: what does it all mean?

Date: 5/25/2019

By nomosia

I was with Susannah and Archie and Paula for most of the time. For Susannah's part, it was like a film where you watch behind someone as like their pov. She was in uniform and part of a swat team. She had a helmet on so I couldn't see her face but I knew it was her, and she was shaking with fear. Her leader told them to move out and then she was climbing up the stairs of an 'apartment block' that looked like one of those multi-storey car parks. As she climbed and they checked levels of the apartment block, I saw different people but I've forgotten who. I heard the people around her start to talk about the person they were there to shoot and I realised the flat they were going to was Susannah's own and that they were looking for her. I was in the room with the snakes again. Miss Bailey was watching, and last time I didn't have any fear as they wrapped around my face because they were said not to be poisonous but I knew that they could still bite. I had an albino snake wrapped around my face when I made eye contact with Miss Bailey and she hummed in interest and then saw Archie, who somehow managed to have none on him. "I wouldn't be able to do that," he said. And I agreed with him and wondered why it was I was doing it myself. I went downtown with Cami. She was talking about how she was an LA girl not a [My Hometown] girl because she was born there and spent most of her life there and it was her mother who was a [My Hometown] girl. Then, two girls who had asked to hang out with me but I rejected came up and gave me a gift. It was a green charm necklace with Chinese characters on it. Cami said that they liked me even though I had already rejected them and that they were Chinese. I walked into the surf shop and asked to buy the board. I was on a long one at first but asked to see a shorter one and the shopkeeper made a comment about how my stomach muscles were too weak to control the longer board. I got on the board, went to pop-up, and apparently didn't do it right because I flew straight into the ceiling. The second time I tried, Paula was there ; filming me, and I flew even higher into the ceiling. I got off the board and Archie was there. I asked him how his own project was going (he was making something) and he said he'd just made the part that was going to get him an A*. I felt bad because I didn't have a project of my own but all the others did. I was with Paula and some others in a taxi coming to the accommodation. We went upstairs and Alex was there apologising because she hadn't been able to come and we walked upstairs but the stairs were covered with the plastic boxes of fruit and vegetables and we kept breaking the plastic lids with a pop. Someone please interpret this haha.