Date: 6/1/2017

By comatose-dreamer

I attended a school that had people with superpowers, similar to X-Men, and everyone in my class had at least one or more powers. (dream skips ahead here) One of the students that was a complete insecure asshole was aiding the "bad guys" in defeating us all because the class teased him about only having the ability to fly. We were fighting the "bad guys" on an abandoned building/ruins looking place and lava spews out and is flowing everywhere. I think I accidentally stepped in it, but I didn't get hurt. The guy that could only fly was acting hysterical and crazy because he snapped from all the teasing (I guess). (dream skips ahead again) We were sitting in the classroom again and I said to the flying guy, "You said that you only had the power of flight, but I saw you use other abilities* ...(I forgot the rest I said here)". The flying guy said, " Hmm, you're right, maybe I'll do something with it" The next day, these 2 couples that lived together outside of the school went outside in the early morning in their pjs and found their houses hundreds of feet in the sky. One of the girls stepped off the ledge of the front door step and onto an invisible platform with her foot severely shaking in fright. They all had an amazed, excited look on their faces.