Date: 6/26/2017

By Viento_Im

So my dad and I were in my elementary schools' auditorium, but it looked like a classroom. There was some spray behind us. I didn't know what it was, so I sprayed it in my mouth. It tasted terrible. I looked at the label and it said "Heroin Spray". I had only sprayed a little, so i figured i was fine. My dad however sprayed alot. A few minutes later i saw him making out with this girl and said "Dad, stop! You're married!" and everyone turned to look at us. the woman stopped as well as my dad. My dad said "Oh. I guess I am" then I grabbed him by the wrist, and marched him straight out of the building. Somehow, we swapped so he was now behind me. He was brushing my hair creepily when suddenly we were in the car. And there was a woman in the passenger seat giving the whole world a shiny grin. she was almost scary. I yelled "Who are you?!" in her face. She was my mom! But not my mom... she smiled and said "Oh, you're father just wanted me to pour him a slushie! I sell EVERY flavor! Ha ha!" it was terrifying to see my mother acting this way. I was watching her slowly pour the slushie into my dads Starbucks cup. (My dad doesn't like Starbucks). I woke up (IRL), ran over to my dad and stared making him tell me that that wasn't real. It was so realistic. From the bitterness in my mouth, to the womans voices