Black horse

Date: 7/27/2017

By Unicornblossom

For some reason i was looking for my mothers deceased black horse ,Judy. i looked in our hay mou. Whitch had suprisingly been redone to reveal brand new posts and fresh hay bales. But i had no luck finding her. So i went to the saw dust stall. Still no Judy. Then i went into our no longer renevated by cows barn. And agian this part of our barn was new, instead of my grandfathers tools and machinery ( including all the animals food), it was clutter free and sparkly clean. i looked out the window from the back of the barn and saw Judy. She was eating grass in a pasture ive never seen before. But i asked my mother what color Judy was, and she said bay. i guess i thought she was black because ive only seen her in the news paper. but going through old photos, i could have swore she was black.