That Heart-Pounding Moment...

Date: 4/11/2017

By LainSol

I was with Bella (my cousin). She was playing my grandmother's (my dads' mom's) piano. She realized that she had a box that fit in a slot on the side. I watched her put it inside of the piano. Like she said, it fit right in. The box slid open, still inside the piano, and I saw that it had little keys on it. They were labeled with notes. When she played one, I saw what it did. It played chords of the note that you wanted it to. She could play professional songs easily now. I walked away from the piano for a minute and looked out the door with my binoculars. I saw my baby sister, Ava, playing outside. She was happily playing with her cute little pigtails. She ran off to the other side of the house, and I let her. I knew that she would be safe. Suddenly, I saw a man walking towards me from the bushes. I could FEEL how dangerous he was. I looked through my binoculars again and saw that he was actually a zombie. I took a deep breath and told myself that I was dreaming. The zombie wasn't real. It didn't go away, though. It just kept coming closer. Suddenly, there were flashing red lights and images. I woke up in my bed panting in the dark. I knew what had just happened was a dream, and it was over. I was upset with myself for not standing up to my fears and facing them instead of wishing them away.