Date: 5/1/2019

By janyrivas

Algo de perros queriendo atacar. We went to eat at a restaurant. Sitting at a table that had other people but had empty chairs, and we sat there. Digie, Julio, Ronie, not sure who else. Ronie was super skinny. His black work pants sere around his waist with a belt because they were so big on him. I couldn’t believe how his stomach was already flat. I told him we would go and get some new pants. But then I asked him if he had eaten that day and he said no. I felt a sadness and told him he could not do that. I was talking to Argy over the phone and Chiqui showed up. One of them was going to visit their mom, taking a plane I believe, I think it was, because she was sick. I was walking around the city. Jesnnette started working at dunkin doughnuts. I think I mentioned that Argy worked there too. Juliette was in the dream too. I went to mamá’s house and was saying hi to everyone. Tia Orly was there, papá was there. There was a baby que estaba en una mesa con mamá me parece. I said hi to the baby, and was being friendly with everyone. Papi me preguntó si Mario estaba bien. En una estaba llegando un carro a donde mamá y yo me subí arriba en el techo del carro relajando. Tambien alguien voceó algo desde la calle, preguntando algo, y yo voceé desde adentro, aunque creo era a mami que le preguntaban. Katy la oruga. Hablabamos un grupo de esos muñequitos. Hendic Gabriel y un colchón. Pipí?