Gas Tank, Robes, Park

Date: 5/5/2019

By Imetaphor

I'm on a road trip with Dad and Tom. After a stop, Dad offers to drive my car, so we rotate seats. We stop to get gas. I hang out the back window and Dad helps me insert the pump, since I'm paying. Soon I've pumped over $250 of gas. "Exxonn gas is expensive!!!" I think. I peer into my well lit, huge gas tank so I can get it filled almost to the top. I'm in some dramatic play. Two women are playing prostitutes wearing lingerie robes. One haggles with another actress then they make a deal. The prostitute takes off her white meshy hammock-like robe. She has nice white skin and breasts, but the rest of her isn't very hott. I'm trying to leave for lunch with two female co-workers. We finally extricate ourselves. "Where are we going?" I ask. Some park. A prayer vigil run by a group on campus because there was a shooting at this park. I look at the Google photos for the park. One is a tan topless woman in the fountain/pool. She is hott. We're at the park. I look at a watch and realize we don't have much time to eat and get back to work.