Olympic Games during a zombie apocalypse.

Date: 4/28/2019

By Mater625

I was down in a huge stadium during a zombie apocalypse. There was a call that a couple zombies were spotted in a garage. So I checked it out almost several times. Every time I had to fight a huge zombie like it was a boss fight because I remember seeing a health bar. The best move I kept doing was “the rock bottom.” After I was almost done with one of them. I brought that zombie outside to the stadium and asked Dwayne “The Rock” to do “the rock bottom” to finish this zombie off. But I guess he felt pressured into it because he left. Later I remember walking at night and got into a large fight with a bunch of guys, I was beating them all but Batman eventually showed up. I talked with him for a while then all the Batman’s from every version you can think of, cartoon and live action showed up. Then my stupid alarm went off.