Prophunt With Markiplier

Date: 3/4/2017

By Smidge_Midge

I somehow was able to play prophunt with Markiplier. It was him, wade, yamimash and myself. But more of my friends in real life joined in later throughout the dream. The map was the house of resident evil 7 but it didn't look completely like it. The game was also life like. There weren't screens and stuff. Once you touched a prop you were invisible and controlled the prop. I was a prop first and I hid as a bottle cap with other bottle caps in the trash. My foot slipped on a pie tin and mark came over and started shooting other bottle caps and finds me. Then I become a hunter and I'm inside the first house. I look through stuff and I hear people talking and mark is the loudest one. I find him instantly and all of a sudden people are tired of the map and are tired of the game. That's when I wake up.