Indoor flea market

Date: 5/26/2022

By Purple

In my dream, I parked in a church parking lot. I passed by a Korean owned market similar to a bodega. I was an early bird and the vendors weren’t busy. There were pets at the flea market, and one woman had a pet in her arms. I commented how cute her pet was. But then I realized it was a little girl, not a pet. If the woman was insulted, she didn’t show it. I saw a table with apple corers. I already had one at home and didn’t need one. I continued looking at the table and found a different type of apple slicer: one that created slices for a dehydrator. Now THAT is something I could use. I purchased it, but had trouble hearing the price. I kindly asked the lady to repeat herself, many times, but she had some sort of speech impairment with saying the word dollar. Eventually I understood and paid her in change. There was already change on the table and I didn’t want to mix my money with that which wasn’t mine. I decided to bring the apple slicer back to my car, and the walk back seemed longer than the walk to the event. I debated buying a snack at the bodega, looked around and didn’t buy anything. Outside the church was a very long line. In my dream, I believed it was a line for church services. But upon waking, I believed the long line was for a food pantry.