Flying and Mad

Date: 3/14/2017

By ace200

I was in this room with this huge mattress some boys from school were on. A big screen was in front of them that would change and the mattress would tilt in stuff to make it feel like they were flying as the screen would show clouds and go over rivers. The goal was to balance before falling off the mattress which was actually really hard. The guys and girls took turns. I remember Ellie was there, Jack, Cole, Ashlee, Caitlyn, etc. Bradley was also doing it with a poor cat which I decided to hang on to. This Chinese women appeared and was asking to find her husband. I was at school then and really mad at Caitlyn because she didn't get her mom to give us a ride when she said she would. My dad came with bikes because something was wrong with he car. I remember it was nice out and a baseball game was going on. Collin and Taydem were with me for something then and Collin was like leaning on me and getting real close.