The great Sith escape

Date: 6/2/2019

By aaronbbx

I first start to remember being at this wedding at this huge warehouse outside held between 2 old people. The old people are my friends grandparents. The wedding recession slowly turned weirder as I saw very cruel and unfortunate things happen to animals. An ant plucking out a cat's eye, an ant leaving behind a food trail leading an ant eater to them, a monkey falling from a vine swing, etc. We assumed the marriage wouldn't go well with all these signs. Then I witnessed a race between a super bike and a horse. The horse was incredibly fast but the motorbike came out on top. Going back to the wedding, now it's turned into a Tailed Beast meeting from Naruto. Where they inserted some kind of slab into Naruto to safeguard. Acid was used to open his back and then the slab went inside, my view went into his back and when I opened my eyes. I was in this Sci-Fi looking room. I was about to fight a Gengar. Looking at what gengar was fighting, I was a Pikachu who could apparently wield the force. I attacked physically but no effect until I found a box and threw liquid nitrogen bubbles at gengar. Causing him to freeze and then evaporate. I didn't realize but I figured it was some kind of fortress. The masters within the building saw my potential and started training me in the ways of the dark side. By this time, I was human and the experiments and fights I had to endure from the sith brought me to a mental breakdown. My powers grew stronger but at what cost? I had to kill small cute animals. My breaking point was when I forced choke a small kitten till it died and force threw it away from me outside the room. I turned around and cried. I didn't want this anymore and killed the Sith supervising me. Another person enduring the same agreed with me and we both sought to escape. A friend of mine from my working place in real life showed up and she was gonna help by climbing into the air vent to disable some technology and surprise attack the mastermind and his apprentice. We began our escape, we ran through corridors and eventually agreed to meet on the roof after splitting up. We'd decimate any of their forces in our way after becoming so force sensitive. I ran and came across a big green eye at the end of the corridor. I went towards it and found the stairs going up but not without the Master's voice in my head guiding his apprentice to my location, I kept force pushing him away but the eye was just a projection from the master. I chose to run and not face them because escape was my priority, not fighting them. I had no lightsaber. Just the force. I kept running and came to a waiting room, where I overheard some security looking guy talk shit about the Jedi. I approached him and told him of all the cruel things the Sith does since I was with them and opened his eyes to the truth. I went away and tried force pushing a glass to break so I could jump out, to no avail. The corridors I passed by made me see how much floors there were and I was getting nervous because there was so much ground to cover. Until I remembered I could force jump. I found a balcony and charged up my jump. I leaped and flew at least another 5 stories higher. I got used to it and forced jumped again about 7-8 stories and reached the roof. Surprisingly they didn't have a ceiling, so when I reached the top, I was already on the roof. At this point, I knew I was in a dream but I almost lost it. So I took a deep breath and reimagined what I saw when I got on the roof. My dream continues. The clouds where dark and the sky red. I saw people on the left moving about trying to escape. My work colleague who went in the air vent rejoined and she already took care of the mastermind and apprentice. She did with ease because of a surprise sneak attack. We were thinking of how to escape because jumping from the roof onto land wasn't a good idea and we needed water to break the fall. There was a deep drain right outside but not enough water so we ran straight until we saw the water deepen. The water was incredibly disgusting dirty till I spotted a slightly cleaner area in the drain to jump in. But as we approached, there was ground outside the fortress we could jump on that enabled us to escape. Me, my work colleague and my sith(now Jedi) subordinate escaped the sith fortress. Following right after us was the people on the left we saw trying to escape, who apparently wore iron man suits. We had an iron man army. We approached the sith/droid army stationed outside and I signalled for them to unleash their power shots. The sith army got decimated in seconds. Their general came out and I force froze him. He could still move but very slightly. It was the same guy who trash talked the Jedi in the waiting room. I told him if he didn't surrender, the remains of his army will be killed. Seeing as I gave him a choice to pick life, he gave up. He said he was intrigued with the story I gave him in the waiting and it lingered with him ever since. My troops and me now had a base literally right outside the fortress where we would do missions to scout, infiltrate or rescue within the fortress. The base commander was my cousin and apparently the sith subordinate of mine was her ex-husband. After this, I can't recall what happened but shortly after, I woke up. The end.