Date: 4/8/2017

By Carolina

I don't even know how to describe this dream... everything was futuristic but in a very weird way. K took me to century 22 which had kids kind of skateboarding or some other kind of teen thing. she said she thought the whiteness was overbearing. i said there weren't white people there at all. i said i could remember when it was under construction (from another dream) she took me into an apartment complex where everything was eerie and there was a big open hall with a stage. it was set up with tables at stations which had baskets, binders, and odd photographs and things written down. i had a bad sense there was something horrible that would happen like a surprise party where everyone surprises you with hate. k said "you owe me a response" and i felt angry. i went around to the tables to try to guess but i couldn't make sense of it. the party guests were strange. a couple who were in their 40s and had grey hair were there. the woman said in russian something about how being married to a bore makes the whole party a bore. they had a dog and he started saying in russian to the dog what do you want. the dog jumped up on me and i felt embarrassed like the man had done it on purpose to piss off his wife. i said i wanted to leave the party and i went down a dark staircase to what i thought would be my own apartment. i found myself inside of macy's and when i looked to the jewelry counter a man behind the desk with a ponytail made some comment about me not being able to afford it. i got mad and went up to him specifically focusing on his name tag but it seemed like a filipino name and i kept having a hard time remembering it. his coworker at the desk kept trying to smooth out his comments and imply he was a jerk. the good one made jokes disparaging them both about being fat presumably to make me feel better or to make it seem like all a joke. i wouldn't let it go and a supervisor came over. the supervisor sat oddly in a chair and was on the phone with someone. he made comments about going to the first guys house later and i realize they were friends and both bad. i kept yelling asking for someone more senior at the store and they cut their fingers and laughed at the blood coming out. they said they is no one else. i went outside and there were enourmous thick spider webs in the trees and i started screaming. 100s of spiders which grew bigger and bigger chased everyone on the side walk so we were all running through the street in heavy traffic. it was hard to avoid the webs which sometimes were invisible at first. i found e and we got onto what was presumably the nyc subway. it looked more a like the carnival ride where the cars turn and the whole thing flips around. i made a joke that she was dying to ride it. we got on a regular train and then we had to transfer but i realized i didn't know how to get home. i typed it into google maps but it created a route that went in spirals around the city. i said i would transfer with her at 145 and take the 4 all the way home. i waited in the station and she disappeared. i was talking to someone who worked the station which kind of felt like an igloo vibe. i must have thought something i can't remember is cool cause i kept asking him not to start the train without me so i could stay there on the platform. he said if i didn't get on the next train was 60 miles away so i begrudgingly got on. it was one of the flip trains which started turning before i could put my seatbelt on. i put my drink between my legs and held onto the buckles. i shouted out but it kept going and my drink poured over my head making it look like i threw up. i saw other people's drinks were also spilling. i felt nauseated at the physical sensation of turning around over and over again. it looked really beautiful and there was soft spooky music playing so i opened snap chat. i snapped the outside now snowy world turning upsideown over and over again with my face as a reflection in the window. i arrived at some destination where i heard a woman speaking in spanish talking about a man who isn't serious enough and cuts his fingers to make jokes. i started yelling about my macy's experience and how crazy it is that they keep getting away with it. i was at f's house and b was asking for his phone. r kept yelling at me cause i couldn't find it and kept handing him her phone instead