White Army

Date: 7/29/2019

By IndridCold

I was at some sort of large house or compound, and we were surrounded by an army of women in white robes with swords and guns. The army was basically standing there waiting for some sign from us to attack. I was inside a car with a little child, and I wanted to move this child inside the house where it might be safer. I got out of the car and a group of the women were about to attack us but I held up my hands to show I was unarmed. They let us pass and go into the house. I told the child to go into this inner room where he would be safer. At that moment I looked at his face and he looked like a tiny old man. Before leaving, he said to please check on him later, but in my head I had the feeling that I would never see him again. I felt I would not survive this battle, because the number of people in the army way outnumbered the people inside the house.