Mine run with skylar

Date: 6/12/2017

By breeziestbrian

Me and skylar are sent to do the mine run for the company I currently work for. Though instead of going to the mine we head out of town where we find a refuge station. On the way to the refuge station. We see a bear. SklR shoots the bear with a bow. And the bear chases us. The bear runs passed us. And we head to the refuge station. In the refuge station. There is a toaster oven , it might be something else. But it's full of water and has a fish floating inside. I also have a long bow and shoot the toaster over ,I don't know why. And for some reason I have to fillet the fish so skylar can put it on his sandwich. Looking st the Time. We determined that we were late by 15 minutes. That's when I woke up.