Dog surprises

Date: 2/21/2017

By emjaynehill

My Grandma came over to my house one day, she had a box in her hand. She smiled as she brought it to me and she showed me the beautiful puppy in the box and told me that she got it for me. However, it was a Bulldog and I was always hoping for a Golden Retriever. I said, "It's beautiful, but it's just not the dog breed I want." Later on, I was in the bath when my dad shouted to me not to get out yet, and when I asked why he said "It's a surprise." The point was, I'd stay in the bath long enough for them to pick out another dog that I like. After a while, they told me I could come out, but there was no dog. They said that they couldn't find any Golden Retrievers and didn't know what other breeds I would like. I was really disappointed, and then I woke up.