Briefest Lucidity (Lucid Dream Attempt #3) [7/10/19]

Date: 7/11/2019

By BlueMoon

Okay, so I know I had a (normal) dream last night but I don’t remember much because I haven’t been able to update this until night. A pattern I’ve noticed in my recent dreams is that lucidity follows my subconscious but my dream self never thinks twice about it so I can’t control anything. What I mean is that in my dream I had the powers of a lucid dreamer but I thought the dream world was what was real, I didn’t realize that I was dreaming. And the other night I was semi-lucid. Anyways, I woke up naturally at about 7:00 and fell back asleep without trying any methods. However, as soon as I entered the dream world, it was different. I saw a man standing in front of me, staring at me in silence. I think we were in a train station. I could see a glass roof arched above him and slanted rays of sunlight floated down. Right away, I knew I was dreaming. I’m lucid! I remember being so excited for just a few moments and then everything slipped away. I felt my heartbeat reappear and it was quick. I woke myself out of the first lucid dream right away... how disappointing. But I’ve heard that’s not uncommon, so. There’s always another night.