Bits of a porn dream

Date: 4/15/2017

By dixsilence

I only remember being here at my home. While I went to the bathroom I heard a woman crying, in the other room was a woman held in captivity, enchained. Tried to talk to her so I went in, she was on her early 30's. She was very cautious and also desperate, we accorded to communicate via wooden pincers for clothing. Then suddenly the evil woman came back to the house so I went back to the bathroom and tried to hide plastic vacuum things I had in my hands so I throw them back the door. Then the woman arrives, she asked me what was I doing there and panicking about me knowing about the other girl. I told her I didn't do nothing and tried to escape. We struggled a little until we fell to the floor, we were bottom naked and she was very upset but curious. I had a raging boner and we started to have sex because logic. Before finishing we stopped and I went again but on the other road, it was super tight and she started to scream because it felt too good but it was very scary to her. All her mean personality went to a scared child, it was so funny. She tried to go on but she couldn't, I came outside but I was trying to go again because why not and I woke up. 😢 damn it.