Date: 6/10/2017

By ivielee

After long dream of trying to escape scary clown people world I watched a video of Andrew when he was a baby when I was googling him I saw that his mom was a mayor of a town or something then watched a video of him acting as a kid in a movie on a playground that I was on with dinosaur slides and I felt I had to find him so I looked through the city and someone said to check the place at the end of the street and I went there and it was a sober living home and Bryan was at the entrance and I said do you remember me and he said no so I walked in and teens were just sitting around watching tv in the dark and I walked to the left and saw a guy sitting in a corner in the dark with a hood on and I went up to him and put my hand on his shoulder and looked at him and he looked up at me and it was andrew and he said woah and smiled and I said I knew I would find you and we walked outside together and I saw Kat and she got angry but I was like please just be happy and pointed at him and smiled all happy and she just smiled for me and he started running away for some reason and I flew above the ground so I could see where he was running and I watched him run around the block from my bird eye point of view and he was running so fast and he looked homeless in his ragged outfit and I kept calling his name for him to stop then in a parking lot all these girls started beating him up so I flew over to them and pushed the girl on top of him away saying what the hell is wrong with you and I held him on the ground and looked into his eyes and another guy was kneeling there too and it was his brother and I said to call 911 but he said he already did and andrew said I don't want to lose someone like Ivie while looking at me and I said you're not going to you're going to be okay and then I woke up and now I'm thinking andrew is my soulmate