The moments leading up to my brakeup

Date: 4/27/2017

By crossheartcat

i have finally decided to brake up with my ex, but I had my friend with me and I want them close to me whenever or wherever it happens cos I was very scared. he was a bad man and I was scared of what he would do to me if I was alone with him and wanting to break up. I start to pack all of his things into a box to make the process faster and cleaner. next day we are at a campground of some sort, doing like a school outing, I avoid him at all costs and staying close with my friends. still feeling scared shitless. as I walk around the campground I overhear more and more people getting mad or frustrated with my ex cos they found out he has wronged them in some way; money-wise, favor-wise, a lot of things. I was working yp the courage to find the time and place to brake up with him, but I was still feeling very scared. I woke up before I could do it.