Journey to the Truth (Nightmare)

Date: 3/9/2017

By Griq

Keep in mind that I had a sleep paralysis attack of an est. 5hrs before having this nightmare. It started off with me waking up on a friends couch, I could not remember anything from the night before and was super confused (The dream was vivid enough to convince me it was real, yet I was not lucid during this entire dream). Anyhoo, as I woke up inside the dream I noticed that I was the only one that was asleep and that my friend who's house it was, had even more friends over, around 5 of them. I had no idea who they were so was very confused. Funny enough, in the dream my house was built on the same property as two of my other friends. I ran from my friends house to my own asking my mom what had happened and why I woke up at my friends house, if I had fallen asleep at my own house.. She didn't know what was going on, which confused me. I ran to my other friends house, and found this girl I liked there looking for me, I was so excited to see her. We went back to my house and I gave her the biggest hug. Moments went by as I spent most of my dream with her, I went in for the kiss and she refused. She brought up another friend of mines name which funny enough, I met on xbox live. She told me that she couldn't kiss me because she was seeing someone else, calling him out by his gamertag :/ I was stunned and didn't know what to say. I turned my head for a few seconds, she was gone. I didn't want to lose her so I went looking and looking by every house I've been in before. I screamed her name with deep emotion, nothing. After which felt like hours of looking for her, I went back to confront my friend of which house I had woken up from (because I thought he drugged me, which would explain why I ended up at his place and why nobody could give me an explanation). I texted her saying "So you wouldn't kiss me because you are seeing *blah blah* this weekend?" And she replied yes. I started crying. I woke up with fear of losing my best friend, and this girl I fell in love with.. The nightmare lasted around which felt like 3hrs dream time, So I have no idea of how long I actually slept. Please feel free to leave you're thoughts on this in a comment.