Spirit, Lava, and The Other Dimension

Date: 2/18/2017

By Fitful

I found a website for grapefruit and was obsessed with it. It's because it wasn't a website for grapefruit, it was a secret organization which interacted with another dimension and allowed the​ door to open for the occasional refugee. The website harbored a secret collection of those who here on earth were from this dimension, allowed them a forum to converse. There was also a major thing happening. In a certain amount of time the rift would open again. I was working frantically to figure out how to keep it open so someone could come through. A woman. Who I was in love with. We had met when I was in spirit form over there. She was a warrior, savage little thing and had to be because of the struggle in that dimension. We had our own song. It was an adorable courtship. I had stopped working and all I did was try and help these people on the other side. That dimension was frought with difficulty. I often looked into that world with a wolf's eyes and body. For some reason I could see into the body when I did, like x ray. I had a few people helping from that side. People I didn't trust well, but needed if I was going to get her back here. There was a lot of intrigue. I was over in the other dimension (I think) looking in the mirror at my hair I just dyed. I dyed it hot pink and I was upset because I didn't think pink hair was me anymore. I decided I could just dye it back to black when I got bored but I worried about my hair not being able to handle all that processing. I ran my fingers through my hair and it felt very strong which eased my worry, but I was still a bit upset at the pink hair. I was upset over a doctor who was reported to be a friend to the animals but just tortured them for science. Like leaving a baby pig in a tub of scalding water just to see how it reacted. I saved the baby pig and held it really close. It was a very smart pig and fuzzy. There was also an evil green blob in the forest. It wanted to come through to my dimension. Inside its body, which I could see through my X ray eyes, it was nothing like I had ever seen. What I saw inside it alarmed me. Another authority figure in the other dimension was trying to help me. He was a doctor of sorts too. He offered me pills, we were in a meeting with someone suspicious and I was pretending to be his patient. I didn't take the pills but decided to pretend to swallow them. Instead I swallowed some round rubber circles, they got caught in my throat because I didn't take them with water. Then the day finally happened, when I could get her and bring her here. Finally my calculations and endless obsessive work would pay off. It was time for the rift to open to allow a person through. I was there in spirit form guiding it as it did. It manifested as a curtain/wall of lava suddenly being frozen over by magical ice. The lava would melt it, and it would ice over again. I was rooting for the lava. As long as the lava melted it the rift was open and she could come through. I mentally helped the lava while flying over the thing in spirit form. Finally she was through and free. Now the trick was to keep her hidden in plain sight. Technically she was an illegal alien. Literally. And suddenly I had a social worker coming by to make sure my parents were being well taken care of. Since I hadn't been working and I was the sole earner in the house. He scolded me and threatened me as if they were children I had been abusing. My parents were fine by the way, we had plenty of money and they were nice and sweet farm folk who tolerated everything, even my weird sudden obsession with grapefruit, and my brother who was adopted and gay also lived with us. He worked too. The social worker was just there because everyone was suspicious of my wife, from the other dimension. When she brought smores on a cookie sheet as a polite host might do he screamed at her and knocked her down, yelling and screaming that he didn't like her and she was going to get deported. I was upset and while he did this I ate the smores on the cookie sheet. They hadn't gone in the oven yet so I just imagined they were toasted and suddenly they were. Finally we decided to have a baby, she got sperm from my adopted gay brother, and my parents were so happy. They were concerned with the sperm, it had been give "anonymously" and they worried one day whoever gave it would want the kid back. We reassured them they had given full rights to us.