School, Glee, and Hawaii

Date: 7/2/2017

By ace200

I was in school taking a final and remember being super slow and taking my time, so was Matt Kid. It then switched to Glee and I was watching a final episode and everyone was saying goodbye. Rachel was crying to Will, but he caught her fake crying. Kurt and her both got accepted to good colleges for the Arts. I then got to go to Hawaii with Taydem and my family. For some reason Natalie and her gang were there and not happy because her mom was pregnant and couldn't do much with them. Taydem and I had a blast on this beautiful island. The water was crystal clear and there were hot guys. I remember getting a crab cake lol. We went to a store and tried on prom dresses for the fun of it. I tried on the dress Vee wore in Nerve, another one, and a crop top flower pink one with a flowing skirt.