Date: 2/9/2017

By comababy

Part 1 Trent and his girlfriend broke up so I somehow got in contact with his ex girlfriend. She was extremely nice to me and asked if I wanted to date her I said yes of course. But he lived with her and I guess they were still sexually active together I would see pictures of them having sex but she would call me and tell me that he wouldn't leave and she likes him so much I felt like I was in love with her but the dream kind of ended there. Part 2 V from shameless owned an ice cream place and I was just trying to get some ice cream but someone was trying to steal and stab people and kill them V got overwhelmed and walked away and I think it is the same man that was doing something to Fiona in the dream under this one but I'm not certain. I had a dream that it never snowed like it was supposed to I woke up in the morning in my house which was in front of the school? Like in the lobby and I saw buses pulling in and I was extremely upset. I walked into school and I was a part of the cast of shameless well their family. And each member had a problem with something one of them would ride on a rug in the snow and almost get into accidents and he was obsessed with doing that the drew kind of ended there. I then had a dream that a man was trying to eat or rape Fiona and Debbie tried to stop him but he broke Debbie's arms and fingers and legs and it was so realistic I heard the crack and saw the bones crushing. She didn't have much of a reaction. I don't remember how they got out of it but I remember him being gone and Debbie being able to grab things even though her arms and legs were broken.