The homicidal bully

Date: 5/25/2017

By AshWednesday

So I was in my dorm room with my roommate and her friend. The dorm became my cousins house and no one could leave. I could go from room to room but physically could not exit the house. One of our dormitory mates came into our room really angry for reasons unknown to myself or my roommate. He started yelling at us about how we were bitches. I told him that he needed to shut the fuck up and if we were such bitches then get out! He went crazy and started destroying everything in our room and I went up to him and punched him. I missed the first time and punched my roommate by accident. I got him the second time. He looked at me with so much anger and hatred. Then he walked away saying nothing about the hit. He then came back in our room with a bottle of warm water and pushed me onto my bed face down. I got up but then he got on top of me, sitting on my stomach so I couldn't move. He forced my mouth open and poured the ENTIRE bottle of water down my throat. My roommate and her friend watched horrified but did nothing to stop him. When the bottle was empty he got off me and continued destroying my stuff. I yelled at him again saying "fuck you, you useless stupid piece of shit! You can't even read past a third grade level!" He laughed maliciously and said he was smarter than me. We continued to insult each other and that's when I told him I was calling the police, he went PSYCHO when he heard it and lunged at me. Grabbing me by the hair and trying to beat me to death right there while my roommate again did nothing. I screamed and fought him off before he stormed off again. I was angry but I was now scared for my life. He came back a little calmer, then threw several glasses against the wall smashing them and saying he was going home early, but before that he was going to kill me.