Weird game about floors

Date: 6/11/2019

By +Zay*

This dream started with my family going to this vacation spot and it was very nostalgic in a way because it had been a couple years before I had dreamed of going there. Anyway, this place doesn’t really exist (I’m pretty sure) but pretty much it’s a big open flat space of land where you set up a tent or something to stay in and, for some reason, you could also bring the stuff to make a pool with and build your own pool there to swim in (weird ik). Also, random detail, my family looked different than they actually look like in real life and I only had 1 brother and 1 sister. I decided to go out and explore and I suddenly ended up in a forest area with ruins of some kind of building. so, as I was walking through the ruins my “sister” pops out from a corner causing me to yell and then she tells me to hush and that she snuck out to come with me. After that we walk into this big tall building and a loading screen appears saying “Floor 1” in big text over a black screen. After that it goes back to me and my “sister” walking through a corridor with multiple rooms on each side of it, nothing happened and we went up some stairs, “room 2”. we entered the 3rd room on our left, the room had one bed in it, and a nightstand with a broken lamp on it. we saw a note on the ground that said, “Make it through as many floors as you can, don’t make too much noise, or he’ll come. When he comes you must set 3 slices of pizza on a plate and he will surely go away” me and my sister looked at each other and nodded, I think we understood that the situation we were in was not a joke. Then, for no reason my sister started running down the corridor and I followed, telling her to “stop!” When she finally stopped running we heard the “him” the note was talking about so I told my sister we needed to hide in the room next to us and we did, the room was big and had nothing in it except for another door that, I assume, led to the room beside this room. Coincidentally, there was pizza and a plate laying there so we put the pizza on the plate and layer it next to the door we came in from the i told my sister to hide up against the wall away from the door, when I did she slammed her back against the other door in the room and caused a lot of noise to be made then I heard “his” voice get closer and closer then it came into the room and me and my sister started screaming but then it noticed the pizza and said, “oo, Pizza!” I took that short moment to run out of the room and down the corridor. I ran to some stairs and ascended them, he must’ve quickly lost interest because as I ascended the stairs I heard the screams of my sister and and she never came out of the room. “Room 3” once I made it to room three I woke up. As much as I remember this dream it wasn’t a Lucid Dream because I couldn’t control what I was doing. Summary: weird dream that took an old idea and put this new game into it I definently hope I have another dream like this