Impractical jokers party

Date: 8/3/2017

By markii

So from what i remember i was walking by Joe from impractical jokers and a blonde girl named katie. (she was a joker aswell in my dream) and we were all walking in a walmart to the area for the party. Joe had a shopping cart and i turned to katie and said "i can't belive this!" When we got there katie was sitting by a cash register and rung up an item called 'wanna walk by us' that costed 20 dollars. I got really mad and stormed off to a trampoline they had at the area. there was another kid in a costume on the trampoline. There was a stage where some people were talking. Then there were free pretzels and then back to talking. I got off the trampoline to look for a bathroom (i didn't find one) and while in the middle of the speech. Joe came up to me and said "what. what do you need?" and i waved my hands and said "no, no i'm ok. it's alright." and ran back to the trampoline. then i was driving in the back seat of a semi. then i woke up.