Another school shooting.

Date: 4/22/2017

By krg23krgxx

(Not columbine this time.) The shooter was my brothers best friend, and my old abusive friend. He is a year older than me. He used to describe me and everyone else dead. What happened was it was passing time and everyone was walking to lunch. I was with my three friends. Suddenly we got a lock down drill so us and several others go into the girls locker room that was right next to us. even though 2 of my friends are boys. Everyone hides in the back where it is out of view of the door. Some time passes before we hear banging on the wood door. the glass on the door shattered and someone was making a bigger "window" to look through. I was able to watch him before I saw him walk away. I was being stupid so I got up from my spot to try and see if I could figure out how to cover the hole. The shooter was very smart and was hiding next to the door. (TWO ENDINGS) ENDING 1: As I was walking up to the door, he quickly moved and looked through the window, pointing the gun at me. I stood there in shock. I heard my friends whispering to me but I couldn't hear well, they were watching. He then shot my shoulder. I stumbled back and he shot the other one so I fell down. My friends had held back from rushing to me. He then told me to step outside of the door or else he would throw a bomb in the room. I was able to walk outside of the door eventually and I shut it behind me. He ended up choking me and holding me against the door. He shot me again in the stomach and leg before using a knife on me. He then shoved the side of my face into the wood pieces sticking out before repeatedly slamming my head into the door. He picked me up and threw me in the room before walking away. (I survived) ENDING 2: I walked up to the door to examine it and when I was about to walk away he reached into the window to put a gun to my head. He said some things to me that are personal I will not share here before he shot me in the head. My friend came towards me but the others were too afraid. (I died)