old School

Date: 1/25/2017

By whatdoesthismean

Luke and his Dad were in my school and were selling a product (fish?) or (meat?) and I was there. Lots of various people from different points of my life for example Chloe, Pamela, Charlie and my mum and dad. I can tell in the dream I am infatuated with Chloe, she looks and is incredible. During the dream a woman comes up and asks my name and introduces herself to me and introduces her daughter. Her daughter is called Linda (Pamela/Emily?(Ginger)) and she knows me but I don't know her. She tells me that we got together last week but I can't remember it and she becomes upset but this is ruining my other female ventures. We are outside my school and people are like wtf is going on. Then I give advice to people about when it is best to purchase their meat / fish / other product before a man in a bowler hat appears. He leads me off without saying anything but the dread and fear are too great and I wake up.