running from giants

Date: 7/31/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

so in this dream there were many giants. giant lizard, a giant gorilla. I was on a movie set and they were filming some kind of monster movie. a giant lizard was being ridden by one of the actors, but it got loose and began to eat people because it was large enough to chomp a person in half. it was climbing buildings and everyone was running. I recall climbing a building and there were these oversized metal insects that were eating the building. I was hiding out in the country with a child who may or may not have been D, but I was trying to give him basic instructions on how to survive when the monsters came. I tried to stress how important it was for him to listen to me and stay close. then I was in a mall. my brothers were both there, but Cesar was nowhere to be seen. he was in another part of the mall. next I was on a freeway heading south and everyone was practicing for when the monsters appeared. we were seeing up blockades on the roads with wood and metal chains. at one point, a giant outline of a gorilla was what we were practicing with. I remember being astounded by how big it was, but it was only am outline and it was made out of balloons. it still picked up a boat, a yacht more like, and flung it across the highway. that is all I can recall.