The Tragedy of Cameron

Date: 3/30/2017

By Goldilox

I was in large room full of collectables, many rare ones included. All of year 12 was made to stay in this room, and there were teachers supervising and telling us about the collectables. Jonathon Young's cover of "Right Hand Man" from Hamilton was playing in the room as well. One set of items in particular the teachers talked about were Star Wars character heads, some of them regular colours, some silver, and some gold. I went for a walk through the many ailes, looking at the old video game consoles and collectables from back to when they were first made to ones made today, and wishing I could take everything I saw home with me. William came up to talk to me, telling me that by my facial expressions he could tell what I was thinking, that I wanted to get out of the room. The truth was my face was contorting because I couldn't breathe due to a blocked nose. In one part of the room were giant glass windows that were able to be opened. Cameron and Jack had just appeared outside them, and were gesturing for me to open them. I did so, and then they said some things I couldn't hear because of the roaring winds that accompanied them. This is when disaster struck. Cameron fell, or was blown over by the wind, and died. I was devestated, and left through the open windows, taking with me Cameron's body. Once I was on a quiet street I called a coroner and asked if they could confirm if Cameron was dead, and if he was tell his family. A while later, I was at Cameron'a funeral. One of the people running apologised to me for the funeral being less than grand, but I said it's what he would have wanted. I then asked them if I would get some of his ashes if he was cremated. Blair from "Gossip Girl" was at the funeral, because it seemed she and Cameron had been dating. She told me she'd take me to court, and that what happened was all my fault, but a group of tall, black men suddenly started booing at her and telling her it was her fault, so she left for the bathroom. The bathroom was dark and unkempt. Blair went to the furthest stall, and a man with pliers followed after her. Blair told the man she has got her braces out, and that now he had to get his out. He showed he already had, then opened Blairs mouth and put the pliers inside. He began pulling out teeth, blood was spilling out everywhere, and Blair was screaming for help. After the second tooth had been pulled, the lights turned on, the walls all collapsed and there was a group of spectators laughing at Blair. She and the man with pliers seemed to have some history, and the entire funeral scene had turned out to be a huge prank on Blair. The teeth and blood being pulled out were really just candy, and Cameron wasn't really dead. He was perfectly fine, and was sitting comfortably on a green couch (much like the couch in Fight Club), hidden behind one of the fake walls.