Time Travelling ⌛

Date: 1/17/2017

By richilye

... I was at someone is house, then I met a girl and we started time travelling with a power that I got in a dream last year (2016), then I assumed a spectator mode and watched a guy being taken by 2 guys, apparently he had done something, but it wasn't him, it was someone else, and he got taken by mistake. He was takrn to a van, they laid him down,at the same moment, a guy arrived and also me and the girl behind him, the guy picked up a gun and pointed at the van, but one of the guys inside the van also got a gun. When the guy started leaving the van,me and the girl time travelled again, this time to a city with some beaches, we were in the past, because I knew this place from another dream in which they were more moderm. (btw, the girl was half brown and half white, with brown hair, she used short clothes that looked like a bikini). At 1st she went to swin at the beach and called me, I said that I didn't bring any swinming clothes, I was also using flip-flops, I went near the water to call her, and I steped on a bit of water and my feet sunk into the sand, then I fell into the water. I tried to swim back to the shore,'cause the sea was strong, then I noticed that I ended up in a sand dune in the middle of the water, apparently i swimed the wrong way. The girl called me and told me that there was a shack in another sand dune, which one was really big, you could even call that a mini island. Therewas some people selling things inside the shack. I went to a guy selling some candies, i was looking for a chocolate one, then i saw a orange one, i picked it to smell, 'cos i thought it was an orange one, but it was another fruit, I licked it for some reason and didn't like it, I put it back on the stand, I saw a dark purple one, I thought it was chocolate. I asked for the price and the guy said its 2$ each, then I remenbered that I didn't bring any money, I turned and asked the girl if ahe brought some, she said she did and reached into her bikini, the bottom part and picked up a folded packet of money, I thought it had got wet, but it was ok, she gave me the 2$ and I paid the guy,the he said "you didn't lick the orange one, right? It's for my grandaughter", I just staredd at him, picked the candy that i bought and left. The girl was somewhere else, I went to look for her. I was at the shore near some rocks, while still looking for her, the sun was going down, then something/someone told me that I could contact her using my time device,I did so and told her to come to the rocks at the shore,she said she was on her way, dream started to end and she vanished like everyone else in my dreams... We weretime travelling to look something for school,but I think we got too much distracted. The time device was a round thing on my left arm, and looked like a shield, I can use that to stop time aswell, it has a crystal to control time, which one I got in the other dream after i defeated a shaman that was probably trying to summon Walpurhis or something like it. I was also able to hide the time device this time.