what is going on

Date: 2/24/2017

By calyxsta

So in this dream , this actually happened like last year,it starts with me and my friend jesus leaving the school , were also with my cousin Jason and his cousin Ethan. We start to walk into this forest preserve we have across the street and then we find a grey car that's blocking this black gate. Ethan gets in the car and moves it so we can go inside . We go inside and step into an elevator and it's like glowing with ref lights , a weird lady comes in and gets off on a different floor. We finally reach a floor and it looks like an abandoned hospital floor. We go into one room and there's doughnuts and apparently Troye Sivan entered my dream and he freaked out and told them not to eat the doughnuts, and I didn't drink it because I thought it was bad . All of a sudden they started tripping out and hallucinating so me and troye left them and continued on. Then my dream shifted to some weird stuff like all of a sudden all those people were gone and my family replaced them. My cousins Chelsea and Hayley were in it now and like we were in a duet and we saw something so we ran out and then all of a sudden we were on a cruise ship and I remember my cousin like melted like she was ice and my other cousin I remember she turned invisible and I was just watching and that's literally all I remember