Invisible Apocalypse

Date: 7/25/2017

By EmeraldTheFoxCat

I was at my moms house lounging in a chair, the news came on with a story of an infected outbreak. I packed my backpack full of supplies I would need, a sweater flashlight, fire starter, ect. ———————— My mom, sisters, brother and I all took shelter inside, as I peaked out the window through the barely open blinds. There were people migrating up a steep road near the house, I sat back down; A man later knocked at the door, and as I opened cautiously I suddenly had a loaded shot gun in my grasp, pointed at the man, who then fled from whatever he had come for. ———————— We went outside to see a group of people on motorcycles that were awkwardly placed on a jagged hillside, we walked towards them, as they were friendly. ———————— We went through the front, starting our migration as well. I was on a strange motor bike, which was not very fast. As I drove the steep hill a man stood in the middle of the road, arm out; couldnt stop so I drove passed, snapping his arm. ——————— We took shelter in an old school, (still somehow with electricity) I guarded the door, I would sit there and only about two infected ever came in.