My Old Teacher

Date: 4/7/2019

By Luke_V

I dreamt that I was back in my old primary school and my teacher was teaching us about geography. She had put up 2 projects on the board for us to do. It was lots of writing we had to do so I just took a pic of it instead. She explained to us what we had to do and then she dismissed us. When I reached home I was in shock I was my cousins, more like 2nd cousins. They were on the couch watching TV with my little sister. My mom said that I had crab and dumplings to eat. I didn’t even expect them to be here. Me and my cousins started talking after and then my big brother intervened and asked “Who has better hair?” And he pointed to me and my cousin, the one closest to my age. He said that my cousin had the better hair than me. I tried to argue but it was the truth. He had the hairstyle that I wanted to try out but didn’t get the chance to yet.