Multiple dream night

Date: 7/30/2019

By JWoDreams33

5:16 am Tammy and I interacted w a stranger in grocery store for lunch. Ate w her and it was so fun stranger asked if we were doing anything Tuesday for lunch (in Crystal Lake) and wanted to meet at Lenny’s but Tammy has plans. At one point a big tin of those plain Ian cookies was on table. Stranger said she’d pick out my favorite... chose chocolate chip, then chose one that I said “had molasses it.” Talked about how much fun we had and conversation flow rd easy Toward end of dream we were outside at back of strangers car & I gave her Tammy’s phone number. Then I saw myself walking toward a building bc I had to get to work. I held up the Peace Sign around my waist. I could see ME walking toward the building. Second dream (not sure about the time) Older redhead w blue eyes sat at MY kitchen counter to eat and had sheer shirt on w no bra. We could see her nipples but didn’t say anything. She sat in the first spot where we keep the mail and stuff... she had to move it out of the way. It was odd bc there were other sets available w nothing in front of them. I had T-shirts all over the counters. They were pinned to the cabinets that looked like how they are sold at concerts. I texted Josh Gates that it looked like I was some hippie living w him or someone who hand washed stuff to “save water” laughed so hard at that. There was another guy behind the counter but I don’t know who. DEvon was about to go upstairs. Connections: Vickie was redhead (not sure why sheer). Saw Josh Gates on IG and TV right before bed. Shirts all over the place bc I did laundry all day. Saw a pic of DEvon and Lil DEvon on IG.