The one with the Ghosts and the Trip with Marlo and volcano

Date: 8/21/2019

By adrianaasg

So all I remember is walking past the place we skate in dreams. And then seeing ash lost. Then the fam got to like a McDonald’s or smt. Then we saw the volcano. Then we were at a town and we had powers like some kinda powers (I was the best) And we were trying to defeat and capture the last ghost. We got everyone else Cus we sunk one and re build the grass. And I was throwing sticks up and blasting them through walls. The ghost threw a big tree at us but I caught it and that’s how I sunk the floor. Then in the end we saw the ghost on the swing so me and Iveta ran over. Declan And ava followed. We finally caught her and I held her down with magic. I said to fly upward cus that’s where we can put her back. So we had to do this lock and everything but it ended up not working and she could only be free if she kissed someone. She transformed into a pilllw and kidsed someone and the jokingly asked if she was wet Cus they were and we all looked at her and there was a wet spot. Anyways then we had to get her again and I think we finally ended up capturing her.