Ex bf getting a divorce

Date: 6/20/2017

By Purple

In real life, my ex bf is married and has a kid. We have not been in touch since approximately 2001. In my dream, the ex boyfriend, Nicky, invited me over to his apartment. He opened the door and told me to come inside. Although it seemed like he may have lived there for a while, furniture was wrapped up and boxes were all over. It seemed as if he had just moved in and neatly placed and stacked items where they were to go once he unpacked. However, he also seemed quite at home, because when he answered the door and let me in, he was in his bathrobe. He seemed tired and as if he expected me. I looked around and concluded, "Are you getting a divorce?" He seemed defeated, yet hopeful. "Yeah," he nearly sighed out. I wanted to ask what happened, but figured he was going to tell me when he was ready. There was some other activity going on and we were walking around his apartment while strangers were milling around in the background. As he let someone else in, he turned to the side and he was extremely skinny and bony. As it quieted down, and there was more privacy, Nicky started to tell me what happened. Now that I'm awake, I don't recall much, except that he said it was great being married and being a dad. (While we dated in real life, he said he never wanted kids.) Ultimately, his wife had family all over the world and she wanted to travel to visit everyone each year. They could not afford to do this every year and it caused major fights, because she was putting on a façade that was different than what they could afford. Nicky said, "That's where you come in." "Me?!…" I couldn't wait to hear this one, since we have not been in touch for a very long time, even before he met his wife. But then the dream fades off or into another dream.