Jim from The Office was my chemistry teacher

Date: 8/31/2019

By evp722

I was in a new high school, but my old class from middle school was there for some reason (even though I went to a different high school from then in real life). Anyway I was in chemistry class, and I realized Jim from The Office (tv show) was my chemistry teacher. I was the only one that was surprised by this, the rest of my class wasn’t impressed. Well he asked me an “easy” question and I got it wrong, and he implied that he was disappointed in me. Then for some reason, I was outside and we were doing some sort of lab demonstration. But instead of Jim as my teacher, he was replaced by my old science teacher from real life that I didn’t like. I actually tried to run away once I saw her lol, and then I realized “wait...my school is in providence and I live in Massachusetts... I’m gonna be running forever!” But for some reason , I was at my house in 2 seconds, and then decided to run back to school. My teacher was like “nice of you to join us.” Or something along those lines. Well compared to my other dreams this one was actually kind of nice because I love the office, and I wasn’t being chased by a serial killer easter bunny or evil candy corn!