Date: 2/20/2017

By BranchMan

My dad had taken me down to the Ocean, to this little cove. In the dream it looked familiar but I don't think I've been there. He had me walk out to this point in the cove and tell him what I thought this tree out there was. After I told him he told me about a huge sea monster that lived right in front of where I was standing and that it's not safe to stand there very long. Now I'm with my friends and I mean to show them how crazy the Ocean is, but instead of actually going to it like I did with my dad, I showed them through some sort of exhibit that that was very seemed to take you into the reality of the Ocean. I remember seeing through cameras all sorts of dangerous and crazy looking ocean life, but I was looking through the camera as if my eye was the lens and I saw exactly what the camera saw as if I was in the Ocean. Then suddenly while looking through the sight of one of the cameras, a very mysterious and shady character walks slowly into sight of the camera. A character like you would see out of a horror movie, not a human character. Hooded and cloaked. I had done something to attract it and piss it off, I think purposely, and it proceeded to slowly come toward me and it attacked me when it reached me, but I don't remember what that looked like. I just remember seeing 10,000 something be the damage that she dealt me, like in a video game. The 10,000 damage was purple and looked the way it does in Maplestory. Then I woke up. I also was with my friend Patrick at some point in my dreams of the night and I don't remember what we had been doing previously, but we had ended up laying in a car hiding from security guard or cop. The cop comes up to the car and asks us question about what had been going on previously in the dream. We were in Patrick's car (which was oddly some sort of escalade or something) to smoke some joints, so I was trying the whole time to keep my joint out of sight, and eventually succeeded.