Date: 2/15/2017

By dreamwalker

We were all in the old Boyd street house in my Home town of Quesnel BC, I was a younger age here I was 9 or 10 my sister would have been 7 or 8 everyone was years younger and we were waiting for my grandma to come my auntie who I have always called auntie her 2 girls and even my late auntie Janet made an appearance but remained in the background. My grandma arrived in a grey car which in my head I kept thinking cloud her colours were of silvers and greys and purples not we would see with eyes we have in life. We all were gathered in the small living room sitting on an an old sectional couch we use to own there was talking but I couldn't tell any conversation was about, finally the family turned to me and said Ben what's the matter and I said grandma is different she pretends she hears us but doesn't or remember things but they are lost why, is she getting further from us. There was a great debate but what happn d next was unexplained memories of old times as a child flooded i and it was like you could touch them physically all doubt and fear was left but I still was left with something has changed about my grandma and all I could think of is that she is in the knowing what ever that is suppose to mean. We said our good byes and grandma floated away in her "car" cloud. I wake up saddened and depressed I don't know what any of these things mean, I do know things are changing and I have no way to explain it. These dreams are visitations either of myself or my grandma or both us making them happen , sometimes it. Feels like a curse because there's never time and in formation Is flying at me .the. Closest thing I've seen that best describes what I go through is. From the movie arrival, lately I have been obsessed with the movie as if every time I watch it I'm on the brink of discouvering something amazing, or is it just a deep. Mature wish to regain something I have lost, in the weirdest sense my family is connected in the most unusual and mysterious of ways that for some would lead baffled and confounded but it is something that time has no reference to or matter of self in away like in a sense we are all of one thing yet ourselves at once. All I know is these dreams are happening again and more freakqeuntly then before the hardest thing is to try to describe it n our language.