Ghost Hurts Me Continuously

Date: 1/30/2017

By ace200

I was living at my beach house with my father and my sister. This ghost was going around the town, I think, and was maybe on the news for hurting people. Either way, she came to my house. I found her in my room. She had long dark hair and was dark all over. If you have seen the movie Lights Out, she looked like Diana and that was her name. Somehow I knew that. She started scratching me any time I saw her. She would do it in the shower, when I was asleep, or any time I was in the center of a room with nothing touching me. Normally she only did it while I was at home, not in large crowds. But, the scratches were painful and she started jabbing needles into me too. It was hard to sleep because I knew she was there and I was always looking around myself for her. It was scary and if it happened in real life, I probably would of killed myself from the suspense of being hurt. For some reason, I decided to start proving a point to her her by scratching myself and jabbing needles into myself. Maybe I was going crazy, but once I did that she started to back off. If I hurt myself, she wouldn't do it, and the pain got easier to bare. I would see her and she wouldn't hurt me, so we were on good terms. I was then at school in a classroom and Diana came. She was standing at the door. All the kids started screaming as she grabbed one boy and took him with her. I figured she movies on to him instead of me. The teacher was terrified. I was then a this carnival with my friends and I remember always looking for Diana, but I never saw her again.