Lucid Fort Defense

Date: 8/5/2017

By kyle_chandler

First thing I remember is i'm with a bunch of the pi kapp kids and we are defending some kind of tower. A group is trying to break in but they're doing a terrible job and for some reason I was really angry that they were trying, and I was the only one of us stopping them from getting in. I stopped one attack by just grabbing the pick locks away they were using to try and get through the gate and throwing them away. The other team complained because they thought I was being kind of a dick, and I was. I yelled and yelled at them to leave, as they were not welcome. They insisted I was being an asshole even though they were breaking in. I was determined to get them out at all costs, but I don't know why. Many of them were african american women. There were several waves of the other team trying to break in, but we defeated each one easily. We had a fully stocked kitchen and server at it if we needed food, kind of like Tool. After these waves of break ins, I left the fortress to do whatever. I was with luke and we were connected by a rope and walking accross a bridge over a very fast running stream. There was a bridge up and over to the right a bit, maybe 20ft up. I decided to jump up to it because I thought I saw molly soule. When I jumped I had to physically pull luke up afterwards. The scene changed and I was in the fortress again and went down to a lower level. I was totally lucid at this point but can't remember how. I tried to talk to a dog, but there was a man in the room and I thought he was going to lead me to something. He took me into a room that looked similar to my dad's gun room without the guns and said something I can't remember. Then I woke up.