County and mints

Date: 8/8/2017

By tiafaithberger

So I was at the store with my brother and Gracie but it was like not a store sometimes it was like this party with a ton of mints and then I took this half eaten bucket of mints but they were all wrapped in separate plastic but in all one big tub and so I took one and I couldn't put it back put I wanted a bit opened one so I took another off the tables and then my brother had more than me and I wanted more so grab another. Then suddenly I was walking alone to the checkout and the checkout lady was outside and so I was waiting my turn then it was my turn and then she said so the bubble gum is $10 a pack and I was like ya. But then "noooo it is $1" and the mints turned in to bubble Licious gum and then it was not in tubes and I didn't have that much and I then got out my wallet to get my money and then it turned out I had more "mints" to get but they were little pieces of paper like a coupon and if I gave them to her she would give me twiddlers in return but then I had more than one and they turn into drinks two and then I was done checking out and the lady said 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and then threw my money into the ground while counting and they were all one dollar bills and I had to go pick them up and they kept flying everywhere and outside was like country western themed and a parade was starting in the streets and then I picked up 4 of my dollar bills and then one flew into the road and a person was controlling how fast the parade people we going and I ran out into the street to pick it up and then I saw the people in the parade going like 100 mph toward me then stopped and they were riding horses with plaid shirts on, cowboy boots, and hats and then one of them said her you go miss you don't deserve to be running around trying to get you money back because the cashier threw it into the ground and I was was like thank you and then ran to go get the rest and then they said lookout and I was suddenly wearing zebra printed gloves because it was 'winter' apparently but was still warm outside and then I tried to catch the one dollar bill flying towards me but I missed but everyone congratulated me by catching it but I never did but then I picked it off of the ground and the cowboy that handed me the one dollar bill in the parade became my mentor and he help me catch my other one dollar bills and get them but then I had to climb underneath this wooden barrel and get one and finf it and there were cowboy hats everywhere and trash and mud but I finally found it and he was talking to me the whole time giving me advice and he was my church's pastor. I left because I had to hurry to leave and find my brother because I had to cute my other brother because he had a sickness and was only going to live till that night. That is all I remember