Little Girl Ghosts

Date: 1/24/2017

By Ellievv

I start off in some sort of abandoned house. It's dark and all the rooms are trashed and in disrepair. I have no clue why I'm there but I feel like I was on some sort of mission. I am absolutely terrified as it is the dwelling of an evil spirit (basically the grudge) people have died in here. People I knew. I'm upstairs and run down, go into the living room and pick up some essentials like a phone and my ID (I presume I'd left them there whilst exploring for some reason). I run into the hallway, manage to kick the door open and run out of the house. I end up at a train station. I'm still completely petrified and everything seems like a daze but I'm so relieved to be out of the house. I finally get back to Newton (though everything is slightly different) and my mum gives me a lift from the station. On the news it says there have been massacres on with streets (I remember one of the streets being called Laugh Lane and it was opposite where Yewtree Ave is in real life). It seems this evil spirit has followed me out of the house. Next thing I know I'm in a posh hotel room with my partner (Not a clue who this guy was) and he's in the bathroom, he starts screaming and I'm trying to bash the bathroom door in. I finally manage to get in and the little boy from the grudge is behind the toilet. I try to twat him but he disappears. I also try and make a deal with the spirit that I'll watch her massacre some people if she leaves me and my family and friends alone; which she agrees but I remember thinking she's probably not going to stick to that bargain.