Talking head

Date: 5/7/2019

By codesthedodes

I was at work (an adult foster care home run by my aunt and uncle). I was telling my aunt about the dreams id been having of her adopted son who had been locked in prison since he was 13 but who had been my dearest childhood friend. I was teling her about how strange it was to see him face to face and be able to talk to him again and how he didnt seem to have aged in the last 15 years. When the conversation endedi took out the garbage, it was getting late and the sun was setting. The driveway i immediately noticed was strewn with things from inside and there a head laying on the ground. When i say head i mean it was nothing but a human head. No neck no body no organs. Arms legs or feet. It looked up at me. I immediately grabbed a long wooden pool leaning against the house and started scannkng the area and asking the head what the hell was going on. Although i had great difficulty getting the words out. The head said him and his crack wife were stealing from us and said she was on her way back. I said good im calling the cops and went inside told my aunt and started dialing 911. My aunt wemt outside to talk to the head and i asked her if she had a gun amd she said yeah. To my dismay 2 of my mentally disabled clients followed her outside despite me yelling that it was dangerous out there, the commotion just made them run that way faster. Knowing that there disability made them run to danger and not understand the risks i grabbed both of them heroically and carried both grown men to their rooms under one arm. When i set one of them down i noticed every couple times hed blink the thin skin over his eyeball would balloon out of his head several inches and quickly retract. I was scared i had injured him carrying him like that and new my life was over and he was gonna die.